2.13.1 Bugtest, April 8th

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    Change log for 2.13.1
    This here is a bugtest of 2.13.1. Time to put those bug stomping boots on!

    We will be actively trying to test the new things as much as possible to make sure it all works nicely, so we don't have unexpected surprises when update is released.

    Where and when, Click me for your local time.
    On April 8th 1900 BST / 2000 CEST / 1400 EDT / 1100 PDT. Click me for your local time.

    Thexa's server, which is basically the beta server, was fixed so it doesn't stutter. I would expect test to happen there.

    How this works
    You have to opt into the empires beta to join in. In your Steam library, right-click Empires and click Properties. Click the Betas tab and choose Beta - Empires Beta Test.

    Close the properties window. Steam will now update Empires to the beta version. Click Play to launch Empires beta. Click here for more info.

    Just remember to opt out of beta when play test is over, otherwise you'll have conflicts joining the public server.

    Not entirely sure here, but I would expect maps with flags and most likely something with vehicles, I almost want to say vehicletraining would be a good map to test most of the changes considering it has both elements. Of course a quick round on canyon would probably be good to test the new commander changes.

    Urban chaos was suggested and that's probably a great first map to test things out on, so we will start with that.

    Last thought is try talking to anyone on your friends list to get more players to come, the more people to test the better we can make empires.
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    Beta Server is up.
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    Other than bugs, please use anti-infantry MG as much as possible (on actual targets).

    The performance of anti-infantry MGs is most likely not optimized for proper lag compensation.
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    that turret movement looks hella laggy with that kind of speed

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