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What days and time are good for you?

  1. Weekdays(Monday-Thursday) Nights

  2. Weekdays(Monday-Thursday) Midday/Afternoon

  3. Friday

  4. Saturday

  5. Sunday

  6. Midday/Afternoon

  7. Nights

  8. Testing is boring and I'd rather not

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  1. Lazybum

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    Howdy folks, I'm in need of information. When is the best time for you to show up and help test empires? Vote in the handy poll and leave a message, this will be very helpful indeed.

    For a bit more information, we need more testers to show up. Last time it was very short notice so we didn't get many, but even then it was still a little dead(as in I couldn't find many online to even ask). So I'm also asking for when do you think we should be scheduling these things? We do have a couple of constraints of sorts, devs need to be there to make sure it's working and fix it if things go wrong, I have a bit of difficulty organizing things if I can't actually be there to help get things going, and of course I don't really want to hosts tests on days of pugs(I don't think many would show up if they could instead play big old matches of empires). Mainly though, just tell us when you think you can be there.

    In the poll pick whatever days you want, if you don't pick a time I'll assume anytime on those days. Don't worry about time zones and things, I have a general idea of where people live so I can figure it out from there.
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  2. Avatarix

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    shouldn't it be better to make the poll in EST hours or something? for me it would be friday afternoon, but for some it might be saturday morning

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