StreetsofFire remaster (Cryengine 5.5)

Discussion in 'Art' started by TheLiberalElitist, May 27, 2018.

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    I have been playing with Cryengine for about a two weeks now. And I wanted to try and remake SteetsofFire in the engine really to learn more about it. This will be more of a remake than a remaster, as I intend to keep the basic layout of SOF but bring it into 2018

    If possible maybe drum up some fanfare or excitement towards moving Empires to a new engine (finally, maybe, probably not.)

    The end goal is to be able to play the default Cryengine teamDeathMatch in StreetsOfFire

    So I began by using Crafty to export SOFto an .obj then, I started the process of seperating the different faces into there own meshes for texturing.

    I then decided to bring the meshes into Unity3d to see how it would look with the default renderer settings and just some basic texturing. It does not look very good, but it gave me idea of how the textures looked on some of the meshes.

    Then I imported the meshes into Cryengine, but I can't seem to get CE5 to assign multiple materials to the .FBX once in CE5. So what I will probably end up doing is assigning the materials and textures in blender then exporting to CE5.

    Next step is I want to create all new buildings and props to add to the map to give it more of a lived in feel, but keep the sterile feel of the map
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    Do it!

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