Shitmaps 3: The Return of Shitfest

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    Its time for another absolutely shitastic night!

    If you are -
    1. A mapper for Empires
    2. A person with a crazy idea
    3. Someone bored out of their mind who is insane enough to want to pick up Hammer
    4. Someone looking for mindless entertainment


    What Is Shitmaps night? -
    • Shitmaps night is a night where mappers submit their glorious, brand new creations of fun so that people can play. These maps are typically not commander maps, they may not look that great (But they can if you want), and are typically having some unique gameplay feature/unique playstyle. Once all the maps are collected, a play order will be established and all users that are playing will then get to play your unique monstrosity!

    Some examples of "shitmaps" include:
    - Flush
    - Richochet
    - Minigames

    When is this event? -
    • This event will be on December 21st. We are still discussing a time, however, it is expected to be in the evening for Europeans and afternoon for US in order to maximize the people playing.

    • For mappers wanting to submit a map, we request all maps are submitted fully zipped up and ready to go by December 16th. We need to set this deadline so that we can ensure none of the maps will cause crashes and allow you to fix any issues we find before the event.

    How do I sign up to map? -
    • If you do know how to map, either post here, in the discord channel #mapping, or message me directly @sovietshark on discord and let us know you're interested. This is not a requirement, but it will give us a good idea of how many maps we can expect. You can also submit multiple maps, but please make it known before hand if you are going to submit multiple maps before hand and about how long you think each map will take. This is simply so we can estimate how long the event will last.

    Never mapped before? -
    • If you have never mapped and are interested, please participate! This event is judgement free and is super fun to be apart of. If you have any questions, you can message in the #mapping discord channel and we will assist you!

    Why should I participate? -
    • While also being fun, its a great way to help build the community. On top of that, its just a time to relax and take a break from the normal games. We highly encourage people to participate in playing, and we also encourage you to try to learn how to map. Its really not that hard!

    • Maps are due by the 16th.
    • Please make sure your maps are set for a max of 40 players as that is player cap of each server.
    • Time limit of around 20-30 minutes each map is the optimal goal.

    I will personally be recording shitmaps night for others to watch, and the maps will be publicly available after the day is over. However, you may not get the chance to play some of them again, it all depends who picks them up after the event is over.
    Join the discord here and go to the "#shitmaps" channel to discuss!

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