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Discussion in 'Art' started by Silk, Oct 2, 2017.

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    I came

    If you know me you'll know i love rocks. Past holidays have always been on mountains or better yet, canyons. My first map was Arid, with a canyon in it. My map Chain is a mountain map (3d skybox). Downfall is probably the biggest, highest canyon Empires will ever see. This year i made Fury, with volcanic terrain.

    I spent a few years trying to learn 3d modelling rocks and cliffs, but i just can't. Too old to learn, i was never satisfied with the result. Especially the fact that with game models the physics box doesn't match the model which i really can't stand. So i had to make maps like downfall with the extremely limited displacement system, which i think i pushed to its utter limit.

    Never could forget about modelled rocks or cliffs though. It's the first thing i notice in modern games.

    This vid though ... sigh
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    I've got dozens of rock at home. I've always liked collecting special one and I've even refined some and made them smooth as marble.

    Can't pictures of smaller rocks be used to get textures? lawl

    If yes, you can collect hundreds of them (IMAGINE ALL TEH ARMIES ROCKS AND CLIFFS AT YOUR SERVICE) and you would have them in a control environment, meaning lighting will be adjustable etc. I imagine you would need a better camera for close up photographs...

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