Reduce the effectiveness of Rifleman

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Spike, Apr 28, 2019.

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    I think the majority of empires players will agree with me that the rifleman class is abit ridiculous and that the class holds far too much power on the battlefield.

    would it be possible to slightly reduce the effectiveness of rifleman ? because they have far too much going for them.

    1. an infantry bullet resist of 25 percent

    2. the ability to provide high damage pin point fire at any range

    3. the ability to dump 350 damage on a tank within seconds with sticky bomb grenades (700 damage with ammo increase)

    4. highest damage weapons in game as well as the most accurate

    5. further skills to increase damage of there weaponry (damage increase 10%), digin that causes one quarter of damage to be absorbed by the stamina bar and then tank damage increase that increases the tank weaponry by 25%

    As someone who used to play rifleman alot in empries i have experienced first hand how effective and insanely overpowered rifleman can be that is one of the reasons i stopped playing the class. There really should not be a class in a game that you play and just almost single handedly destroy the enemy team especially early game and even later on.

    Also you have to think that rifleman already have a skill digin that allows the class to take even less damage while crouch and while in the prone position and even allows them to survive a direct mortar/rpg hit from a grenadier when you put the digin skill and infantry bullet resist of 25% together its just seems to be overkill.

    Im pretty sure as a new player it really isn't fun to constantly get killed by the same person over and over again. Also due to the damage reduction to most of the weapons that happened quite awhile ago it is now even more frustrating to kill a rifleman. This class really should not hold as much power as it currently does.

    I think at least the rifleman infantry bullet resist should be changed from 25% to 0% and the sticky damage reverted from 175 to 150 to make them less effective and easier to kill.
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    i miss having to control fire better with rifleman instead of just blasting away continuously until changing mags. i think rifleman is slightly overpowered. though you are putting together multiple class skills which aren't always used together tbh.

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