Placing Turrets & Walls with your Engineer Tool should cost charges

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Xyaminou, Nov 20, 2019.

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    Placing walls in well ingrained in Empires meta, however it is far from being balanced, a skilled engineer can keep placing walls as soon as they go down, and the only thing keep them in check is the Mortar.
    Turrets can also be abused in a similar manner, many of you have seen me place and recycle the same turret over and over just for cover, it's as easy as to press one button with the correct binds.

    However, I believe there's a simple solution to all that trickery, add a cost to placing them.
    Here's my proposal for initial implementation:

    Turret (MG & ML): 10
    Camera & Radar: 5
    Wall (large): 5
    Wall (small): 2

    and a bonus:
    Ammo Box: 25
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    Though I have no gripe about current placement mechanics, I offer and additional suggestion... small time penalty? A few seconds delay before a destroyed/de-commed engie item can be re-dropped? Walls might be an interesting code issue since there are 20-30 of them and a per/wall delay would be murder if placing more than one at a time in a line. It might solve your turret/camera spamming easily enough though.

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