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    To try and fill the empty server gap during the week and maybe attract more North Central and South American players, I've set up a new server that will be online weekdays and only in the evenings on the weekends.

    Find it on the server list as N.America After Dark Server.

    It will be offline Sat & Sun ~10am-6pm EST so it doesn't detract players from the X server matches.
    It returns in the evenings after those matches have typically ended.

    It's configured very,very similar to the previous ESB server including most if not all the familiar plugins.
    I recently moved. This may have affected my bandwidth, so for now I've limited the player count to only 32 while I learn how good or bad the ISP performance is.
    I'll look at better hosting options or buying more bandwidth if player count ever demands it.

    Vicki was very helpful and also kind enough to grant me ability to post from the Viper steam group.
    Once I get a few more details worked out, don't be surprised to see an invite some time.

    If the computer gods permit, I'd also like to put up a regular dev server where we can player test latest updates and features. I've got newer (slightly smarter) bots I hope to share some time.


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