Launching empires causes old gcf files to appear.

Discussion in 'Deferred Bugs' started by CyberKiller, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Launching empires causes the old gcf files from steamworks empires to be created instantly (I looked inside the gcf file and it doesnt have the new maps in so thats how I know its from old empires...).
    Also sometimes another empires folder from steamworks empires gets created in the username folder along side normal empires in the common folder. I keep deleting them but they keep reappearing....

    1). go into your steamapps folder and delete the 3 empires gcf files.
    2). Launch Empires then exit it after a couple of minutes...
    3). look in the steamapps folder and the gcf files are back again instantly! :eek:

    Is this behaviour intentional?
    Does steam keep trying to recreate these from some old manifest or something? It's really annoying because its just wasting disk space however.....
    I might monitor it using procmon from sysinternals suite to see whether its steam or empires creating the damn files.....

    EDIT: It seems these .gcf files that get created are not 'real' as if you try to extract any of the file you get "(Error: Unexpected end of GCF stream (0 B of 16041984 B). Has the GCF file been completely acquired?)".
    I am guessing this is because the actual files do not exist but steam is still trying to create the 'framework' for the gcf files.

    EDIT 2: OK after a little more digging it seems that when empires is still set to include the app ids for the old gcf files.
    If you compare the app ids in the manifest file with the app ids taken from the steam database in the picture below then they correspond with the names of the phantom gcf files that keep getting created.
    Whether this is a valve issue or an issue with the build script I will leave for someone else to decide.
    	"appID"		"17740"
    	"Universe"		"1"
    	"StateFlags"		"4"
    	"installdir"		"Empires"
    	"LastUpdated"		"1356641263"
    	"UpdateResult"		"0"
    	"SizeOnDisk"		"3022116579"
    	"BytesToDownload"		"0"
    	"BytesDownloaded"		"0"
    		"name"		"Empires"
    		"GameID"		"17740"
    		"installed"		"1"
    		"appinstalldir"		"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Empires"
    		"subscribed"		"1"
    		"language"		"english"
    		"17743"		"5609361418010297892"
    		"17742"		"6432879355048647155"
    		"17741"		"128139638856203369"
    	"ManagedDepots"		"17743,17742,17741"
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    I think you just worked out what I spent like 6 hours trying to understand, and gave up on. We thought Valve's content server kept redownloading them, but if they're empty files then that changes things. I guess Jephir can check out the app_manifest and see if that helps.
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    I don't think that the gcfs should be appearing in this version. AFAIK steampipe uses loose files only. We may have to ask valve to disable the old content system.

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