How To Kill People Exiting From a Vehicle and More!

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    (A .VMF accompanies this post)

    If, for whatever reason, you need a particular player to die when they get out of their vehicle after their vehicle enters a certain area, this is the guide for you.

    So, first you make a trigger_multiple - it doesn't need a name, and then go to the Flags tab and uncheck Clients and check Physics Objects. After that, go to the Outputs tab and enter this in:

    • My output named : OnStartTouch
    • Target entities named : !activator
    • Via this input : AddOutput
    • With a parameter override of : PlayerOff !activator:SetHealth:0
    Should look like this in Hammer:


    So, when a vehicle touches this brush it will kill the player when they leave the vehicle, even if they're not touching the brush anymore, and even if they enter the vehicle after it touched the brush or even entering multiple times.

    Let's see what other fun stuff we can do.

    This locks the vehicle so no one can enter it again (until you unlock it somewhere else using Unlock):
    PlayerOff !self:Lock

    And this ignites whatever your vehicle shoots at (I don't recommend actually using this):
    PressedAttack !picker:ignite

    See what other fun things you can come up with and post it as a reply to this thread!

    I have attached a .VMF of the first example.

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