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    This is a preemptive post for anyone who tests for the next few days and wonders what is going on: I am testing some major changes to just about everything. As such, there are bound to be some bugs.

    Anyone looking for what has been changed keep reading.

    Things that are not working:
    Research cost: Most research only has a time cost and no resource cost.
    Things dieing quickly, especially buildings and the CV: weapons are using new resists and not all items have been updated. All tank armors have been updated.

    For now, I am looking for feedback on
    - How the tanks handle, particularly the medium and heavy tanks.
    - How new weapons feel. Is the concept good even if the weapon is OP/UP
    - How intuitive is the new research tree?

    Major changes:
    New research tree layout.
    I am intentionally not posting a new research tree, as I want to get a feel of how easy the new tree is to navigate with no previous knowledge.

    New tank weight and loadouts
    There is now a direct relationship between armor (protection) and weapons (firepower).

    New functionality: Vehicle Chain gun (CG), high damage machine gun with all of the bullets in a single clip to act like a cannon but with a lower rate of fire than machine guns.
    - Added mixed effect mgs. This is intended to be a split between the anti vehicle and anti personnel mgs and use the chain gun style of ammo.

    So people can compare the old and new weapons, some of the old weapons, mostly cannons and missiles have been added to the scripts using the original names. The only changes that have been made to the old weapons are to the weights and damage type so they will fit with the new system.

    Repair pad speeds have been increased. The overall effect should be a 25 to 35 second complete refit/reload time.

    I will do my best to fix any major bugs that come up, but I am trying to get a few days worth of testing done without changes. Hopefully this will generate interest in testing as well as showing a possible direction for upcoming versions.

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