Empires Version X testing 30th April Sunday 20:00 GMT - 13:00 PST - 16:00 EST (non official)

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    Empires Version X testing (non official)

    Awhile ago i found some scripts while going though some old stuff from a couple years ago that were never really finished. I never actually got a chance to test them on a large scale i did however test with a few people. If you are interested please join this group for more details about upcoming tests. These are based on 2.6.9 the time when nothing could actually be push because of the push server was broken. I will attempt to play a normal round of empires with these scripts however i need about 20 people to do that.

    The aim of these scripts is to make the tank combat and infantry combat alot more satisfying and easier for new players and also to have the tank combat alot less stale.

    Group: (join if interested) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EmpiresDedicatedtesters

    Link for scripts: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bf4d3c0hwr7pvgi/Empires X 5-18-2017.zip?dl=0

    How to install

    Simply put the scripts folder in empires/empires and overwrite be sure to backup your script folder.

    Testing time: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Empires+Version+X+testing+(non+official)&iso=20170430T20&p1=1318

    Server: Empires X Script Test Server

    Password: testing

    Teamspeak: pmuris.com

    There are way too many changes to list so here is the general idea

    Changes and tweaks include

    Redone infantry combat
    Recoil redone on all automatic weapons
    Redone versions of the engineer sub machine guns to make them alot more deadly at all ranges
    minimum damage falloff of 10 for all infantry weapons
    slight tweaks on all weapons
    redone bear
    redone spread patterns on some weapons
    an overall better feel to the infantry weapons
    Infantry resists - gren = 20% scout = 25% rifleman = 10% engineer = 15%
    scout is now the close range class
    tweaks to the rpg that include a faster projectile moving speed and a closed aiming reticle when moving
    Scoped rifle rework
    NF 50 Cal Rework (Marksmen Rifle) now automatic with a slow rate of fire however its the hardest hitting rifle

    vehicle combat changes
    All of the existing missile weapons redone to make them alot easier to use
    4 new light tank weapons to make the early game tank combat alot more interesting
    All of the existing mg's redone
    every anti tank mg now have an apc hmg version this includes bio hmg and he hmg
    be meds and nf meds can now carry the same amount of weapons and Armour to them more balanced
    Cost of base tank chassis and armor reduced (tanks to be made cheaper and tanks being easier to kill)


    Regen - 80 hp - 10 cpp - 15 weight - regenerates
    Compo - 90 hp - 20 cpp - 15 weight - takes 20% less damage from weapons - 10% rpg resist - strongest armour however it is the most expensive - 10 extra hp
    Reflective - 80 hp - 10 cpp - 15 weight - angle modifier
    Reactive - 105 hp - 10 cpp - 15 weight - 25 extra hp (25 might be abit too much extra hp)
    aluminium (plain) - 40 hp - 5 cpp - 10 weight - lightest and cheaper Armour in the game
    absorbent - 80 hp - 10 cpp - 15 weight - takes less damage from faster projectiles (cannons)

    The whole idea is for every Armour to have one positive and negative thing about it then composite would become like it was in the past the strongest Armour in the game however to most expensive

    Planned changes
    A upgrade for the grenidier rpg to make it more viable later on in the game EG damage upgrade
    New smoke grenade particle effect (zooms smoke effect that is sexy as fuck)
    Conncusion grenade = EMP grenade
    Grenadier specific sidearms - Burst pistol for NF - Machine pistol for BE

    If you do attended this test please provide feedback it is key.

    Please not this test is not official

    THESE SCRIPTS ARE BASED OF 2.6.9 Credit goes to the previous scripter trickster that these changes are based off.
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