Empires 2.15 Released!

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    It's finally time, here's a new version of Empires, featuring...

    Script Changes
    Normalising melee damage, tweaks to infantry rifles and vehicle engine fixes.

    Some notable Bugfixes:
    Correct shooting at players in vehicles, shells working properly with artillery feedback and homing missiles now hit repair stations properly.

    With Map Updates to:
    Coast, Crossroads, Cyclopean, District402, Duststorm, Escort, Glycen City, MValley, Palmbay, Streets Of Fire and Urban Chaos.

    And some new Features:
    Spanish language support (provided by Joy), basic NPCs and bots and updated research item descriptions.

    This is just a small selection of the full changelog that can be found here: https://wiki.empiresmod.com/Version/2.15.x


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