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    I can't find a single thread about this and believe me I looked.


    Anyway, Mayama made this map years ago and years later something broke it in places (no lighting, for instance. Duh) and now even more years later I fixed it up again.

    * Lowered bottoms of water brushes to hopefully prevent exploits. Couldn't reproduce at all, though, so maybe not fixed. someone check.
    * Fixed low friction on NW and NE plateaus
    * The textures there were literally called [...]_lowfriction
    * Fixed incorrect running/impact sounds of the ground
    * Behind the scenes optimisation
    * Visleaf calculation takes 20 minutes, down from an hour!
    * Fixed vrad not running for the map
    * This means there is now actual lighting
    * Lightmaps have been (mostly) reset to their default values so that might cause visual issues
    * Please report any visual (and other) problems to me
    * Displacement sewing

    Download the files below.

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