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Discussion in 'Support' started by dellight, Aug 16, 2009.

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    it's in Empires, i checked it, and the "Empir es" is a copy-paste bug
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    This might be redundent but did you do a clean instal for empires? Have you deleted the entire Empires folder before reinstaling?
    if you have, there might be something wrong with your steam.
    Did you experience any similar problems with other 3rd party softwares for steam?
    If i were you i might have checked about a more generalized solution then just emp becasue steam itself should "sense" new folders under \SorceMods and should automatically look for the "gameinfo.txt" file.
    You do have a "gameinfo.txt" file in "..\Steam\steamapps\SourceMods\Empires", right?

    if not, no worries.
    go to that folder, right click on the mouse to create a new text file (*.TXT).
    Call it gameinfo.txt.
    Double click on it to edit it.
    copy paste this into it:

    "GameInfo" {
     game "Empires 2.24d "
     title "v 2.24"
     developer "Empires Mod Team"
     developer_url "[URL=""][/URL]"
     icon "resource/steam_icon"
     manual "[URL][/URL]"
     type  multiplayer_only
     nomodels 1
     nodifficulty 1
     nohimodel 1
     nocrosshair 1
     FileSystem {
      SteamAppId    218  // GCF for TF2, required for ep2 sdk
      ToolsAppId    211  // Tools will load this (ie: source SDK caches) to get things like materials\debug, materials\editor, etc.
      SearchPaths {
       Game    |gameinfo_path|.
       Game    |all_source_engine_paths|sourcetest
       Game    |all_source_engine_paths|hl2
    I hope this help, good luck mate.

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