[Concepts] Some sketches i did.

Discussion in 'Art' started by Lightning, Feb 4, 2017.

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    These are some sketches i did as concepts for if some weapons ever get re-modeled

    NF AR Parts.

    NF Ranged SMG Concept Sketch.
    Yeah i know it isn't scanned, I'm going to try and get an old printer/scanner working. And i know im not amazing at drawing, but this is how i want to get better.
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    Well, if you got android, you can use CamScanner app.
    Its almost as good as scanning in a scanner.

    ...just gotta figure out a light that isnt in your way making shadows...which I can see you already did :P
    Only thing then is getting some kind of paper weights to make the paper straight and simply using the water weight in the app to make a straight picture. You can also easily cut the corners of the papers in the app, or select the type of enhancing to use.
    Just gotta watch out for deformations when cutting the corners. Not a problem if the paper was shot straight.

    Just not sure which functions are not available in free version of the app. Its worth a buy, though.
    (think its also available for iphones btw)

    But yeah, if you got actual scanner then use it, because that will do all the above for you. :P
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