Change F-menu cooldown to be per-action

Discussion in 'Under Consideration' started by Xyaminou, Aug 2, 2016.

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    Some people might not know this but there is a global cooldown (delay) for the actions you can perform through F-menu.
    From what I understand it's used to both prevent spamming (air support and such) and abusing squad powers (imagine squad artillery without delay).

    The delay in itself is a good idea but it being shared with every command leads to unnecessary delays leading to failed actions (if you've ever lead a squad as an engineer you know what I'm talking about).
    I propose a re-implementation of the delay per ability/action of the F-menu.
    Most of it would be unchanged and some would still share cooldowns such as Global Support, Local.
    However what needs to be separated is Squad Targets (and Guard), and Squad Powers. Some powers could even have different cooldown, (I'm thinking of Squad Artillery which tends to be overused to close games, but that's a different story altogether and should not be discussed in this thread).

    Basically you'd have X delay groups:
    - Global + Global Support + ACK (Affirmative/Negative)
    - Global Supplies
    - Local
    - Attack/Guard
    - Squad Powers (one group for each different squad power)
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    Yes, I can see how this can be quite annoying. Although personally I have never really been affected by it much.

    While we're at it: I'd love for an indicator on each of the options as well. Could be as simple as a number counting down (looks awful) or a gradient effect or something. But at least something to tell how long it will take before you can use it again.​
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    I'm moving this to under consideration, the idea is good; but this change may take a while to implement. The code for the FMenu can definitely be improved; the functionality for these commands seems to be in a 1000~ line switch statement with a global 2 second delay.

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