Bug: Pressing "E" as a enginner switches you back to calculator.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by .Oktay., Jan 11, 2019.

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    Hi devs and peopel who dont moved to discord yet.

    i found a really annoying bug in empires and is recreatable !

    Here is the video: https://streamable.com/vxdnb

    in this video you can see that i try to throw some building crackers at the barracks and is getting cancel because i press "e" on the walls right next to my ammo box. the hitbox of the walls are way to big as you can see it on my video and even if you press E on the ammo box it will switch back to calculator.

    in the video i didnt switch back to my calculator manuelly not even once !
    to recreate that bug just start a map where you can place walls and press E on the building.

    is not game breaking bug but as you can see the time i throw some building crackers at the enemy, they whould spawned inside the barracks right at the time.
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    I agree.
    Had the same problem.
    Ammo box near a wall.

    It actually kinda seems like an intended feature, but it didnt take this situation into consideration.
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