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    Many people complain about the auto balance in the game. I am among them.

    Previously collected statistics by kill ratio distributed players more honestly.
    It was last year. Matches were more intense. Now more than half of the games are oneside game. Rage quiting players in the middle of the game complicating the situation. What changed? The last time I opposed 2 well played and 2 newcomers at once. So I ordered the auto balance. At first it’s interesting, but the inability to withstand tires and does not want to stay longer.
    What can I offer.
    1. Return the old draft. I know my skill and I do not enter the top20. Experienced and skill players did not increase the time of the game to increase their score.
    2. Make a blitz survey. Watching the boring activity of forums, publics and a discorg channel will be useful to do inside the game. In the form of a survey or a special interactive map. Using the knight’s algorithm on the chessboard, put all the players to each other “who is more dangerous?” It will be tiring so it will be great to be able to make pause in voting.

    Who is dangerously?
    1. Hopfi (aka 1, 2, 3)
    2. Icon
    3. I don't know (one / both of them)
    4. I.m tired

    A more interesting option to attract. I represent a vehicle with a respondent. The camera moves to another location where 2 portraits shot from a steam profile and his nickname with also known as names (is it possible to stereo images from different levels of locations?) A retro treadmill on the viewer gives dynamics. When choosing a portrait, some kind of explosion sprite. Controols like in a vehicle. More respondents - more honest statistics.
    And I can’t imagine how expensive it will be in development.
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    So this should be fixed in the new version, whenever that comes out. It has a lot more potential for server owners to be able to control how the balance is down via variables.

    Also, the old draft system has been in place for months now, the only reason it was down this weekend was due to Mikleos server being down that hosted the info, he had made note of this on discord. So basically, when draft was on it was running with no stats meaning that itd just kinda randomly assign (At least I think thats what he said?). Otherwise, the past 3 months have been using autodraft, or the "old draft".

    And side note: Score is just a little add on for some visual cosmetic XP, no real use otherwise.
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    One of the problems with "who's more dangerous" is that...........only dangerous people would be at the top.

    This is going to be pretty accurate for tier-1 players because you HAVE to be dangerous (or the term I use : destructive) to be placed at tier-1.

    It's, however, going to be fairly inaccurate for non-tier-1 players, which is also the majority.

    Another problem is the infamous 20/80 rule, you are essentially using the 80 to make decisions but most people have no solid knowledge on "who's better than the other one".

    If you play games like League/Dota you should know what I am talking about.

    This only works when you want to seek the opinions of majority, it doesn't work too well if you want a true answer.

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