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    Here is the checklist of what beerdude said that needs new models.
    Artists have complete creative control of what needs to be done, however asked to keep to the empires theme.

    The procedure before working on them would be to create a sketch or visual concept (or just explain the idea in text) of what each model would look like, receive feedback on said sketch then continue to create the model.

    1. Brenodi RPG/Mortar
    2. Brenodi Explosive sticky
    3. Brenodi Sticky stun
    4. Brenodi Smoke
    5. Brenodi Concussion
    6. NF Explosive sticky
    7. NF Sticky stun
    8. NF smoke
    9. NF Concussion
    1. BE Weapon arsenal
    2. NF Weapon arsenal
    The biggest request would be to have fun with them, keep an open mind, and opinions are just opinions.
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    I cleaned up this thread and made separate threads for each of the high priority models needed. Please post there, if you want to contribute to anything specific.

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