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Discussion in 'Mapping' started by Broccoli, May 17, 2006.

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    Ship Battle: Both teams start on their ship, which fire cannons at each other. Water is a poison so you cant swim over, but engineers can build gangplanks, which can be destroyed.

    Aim of game: destroy the engines.

    Notes: Cannons + Rockets can destroy armour, but this can be repaired by engineer (not rebuilt)
    Engine can only de destroyed by rockets + mines + Cannons (after armour is down)

    Roles of players:

    Rifleman - securing enemy ship
    Rocketeer - Destroying Armour + Engines
    Scout - Sneaking into enemy ship + takning out enemies
    Engineer - Repairing ship, Healing + Reviving Players, Building Gangplanks
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    hey, I was thinking this game could use a simple custom map just for tank battles.

    So I did some thinking and came up with a little idea of a map
    both factions get 2 vehicle factory and 1 flags nearest to their base at start. The goal of the game is to get all the flags ofcourse. You have all research, you start with a nice amount like 20k, and every flag gets you around 5-10 res per tick, this way the game can be all about vehicles (no cv is present)
    as you can see on the pic there are 2 sides to the bases and 4 doors, this is so people can divide over 2 parts and not get stacked in to one base (less chance for griefing aswell). The bases should have a roof (or even better if they are inside, like a building) so that they cant be arty'd.

    The battlefield should be a bit big and you shouldnt be able to see one side of the map from the other, if that wasnt clear on the picture.

    All very simple, I dont have hammer but I think if it is kept simple everyone could make this map and its probly lots of fun and everyone can actually play a bit with customizations, and the amount of money allows almost everyone to get a tank out.

    the ground should be a little bit straight, pretty much like everymap made by doobie. What do you guys think?
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    I have some ideas...

    ⌡ D-Day Map Like Dod_Charlie But For Empires NF Has To Go Up The Beach To Capture Flags, Guns, Etc. From BE.
    ⌡ Navy Map- If Empires Made Boats... It Would Be 2 Islands NF Island, And BE Island. The Way To Attack Each Island Would Be By Boat, Or Plane.
    ⌡ Emp_forest A Island That Has A Huge Island Full Of Trees With A Huge Lake In The Middle The Map Has Heavy Rain And Has No Access For Tanks But There Are Planes And Possibly Boats In The Lake/ Sides Of The Island.

    I Wish I Had The Skill And The Patients To Design Maps But I Dont So Can Someone Else Do It LoL. :) :) :)

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