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    I thought I might as well make a forum thread for this plugin because I've made one for all the others.

    Empfun lets you create scenarios which can be added to a vote at the start of a game round.

    What is a scenario?
    A scenario is just a savestate for Buildings, Resources, Tickets,Flags, Research and the Command Vehicle. It can be used to easily create a new take on an existing map. You can create a new scenario in minutes rather than spending countless hours learning and compiling new maps in hammer. Also unlike maps, clients do not need to download scenarios because it just edits the networked entities of the existing map.

    So you can create a scenario based off one map but have an endless amount of variation. This includes different starting bases, starting buildings, flags, static props, engineer buildable props etc. You can also remove a respoint and replace it with a flag. You can save a scenario while you're in the middle of game and then reload that scenario at a later date.

    A guide of how to make scenarios can be found here:

    One of the built in features in empfun is baseswap. Adding "ef_baseswap 1" to your map configs will give a 50/50 chance of the bases swapping places on that map.

    Saving any scenario as "override" will cause it to load when the map is loaded . Loading the "default" scenario should take you back to the base map settings.

    Adding scenarios to the vote can be done in game.
    !scenariovotelist [enable/disable]
    !scenariovotelist [add/remove] [scenarioname]

    All commands are admin only and produce a chat message that can be seen be other players. ef_editlock prevents the commands from being used after the game has started.

    Git Repo:

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