Rapid mouse movements boot you out of the com view

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Z100000M, Dec 19, 2014.

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    What mouse are you using ?

    Only ask because With some keyboards I get weird issues with different buttons. Like volume keys cycle threw the menus. Like squad, vehicle build, and spawn. Another keyboard if I press the num lock it disables console.
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    some crappy cheap one ever since my proper one broke. Will probably get a new one on/after xmas.
    I doesnt have any issues though, at least none that i think are related directly to it. Its not falling apart yet.

    Ill look into if the scroll (even though i dont use it at all) maybe is somehow at fault. Ive already seen that holding targets, holding alt and just moving around alot are not to blame when there are no players around.
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    Because you can only have like 5 buttons on your mice I believe. (probably driver related)
    The other ones are assigned to a key on your keyboard.

    I know this is also how some notebooks volume keys and other additional keys work.
    For example on my fathers old toshiba notebook the volume keys + and - was actually acting as a V and B key on a keyboard. (so I always opened the class and team menu when I changed volume)
    Might be the same for some keyboards and their additional keys.

    In many games you can only bind 3 or 5 keys on your mouse, there are no more mouse buttons integrated into the game. So many times you will get a software with your mouse and there you can assign keyboard buttons to your mouse so you can bind it ingame but losing your keys on the keyboard, because they will do the same.

    This MIGHT be why.
    And is probably related to the driver of your hardware. As not all keyboards need to do this. And Iam not exactly sure why some needed to do this, Iam guessing there were some limitations somewhere, either hardware or software/driver/os.

    btw: try opening a notepad and pressing those keys, you MIGHT find out which keys are they using.
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