Making the scout class better plus how to play scout effectively

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    Making the scout class better plus how to play as scout effectively

    1. give scout EMP grenades to disable turrets temporarily (concussions already do that just remove the blinding effect and change to name)
    2. remove hide (it encourages stuipidity)
    3. take ranged rifle off scout and give it to riflemen
    4. give scout light machine gun and remove it from rifleman
    5. give scout 30% bullet resist vs infantry
    6. give scout damage upgrade
    7. Give Scout a semiauto shotgun variant see this thread
    8. Give scout smoke grenades and add in zooms smoke grenade particle effect then remove the smoke grenade blinding effect when you get close to it (code). Smoke grenades are great for pushing up and gives you cover from the enemy. (link)

    The correct way to use scout early game is mainly running up to the enemy's forward barracks sabotage it then run inside trying to kill as many infantry units as possible this will make the barracks easier to kill due to it being at half health. Also it makes the infantry easier to kill due to them all now spawning with half health.

    And late game mainly getting into a jeep with a engineer going round the map and killing buildings and refinery's. You can also sticky stun heavy tanks later on in the game disabling them for a short period of time so it is much easier for your team to kill. And off course scout is good for sticking the enemy commander for a ninja.

    Scout is actually a very useful class however its only good in some circumstances and many people have no idea how to use the class correctly. And then you have to take into account that the scout has a bullet resist against infantry weapons plus the shotgun and smg2 are very good in close range.

    A scout should be on the frontline constantly not sitting at the edge of the map trying to snipe people.

    Scout weapons (what they should be)
    1. close range smg
    2. Semi auto shotgun (see link) :
    3. light machine gun

    Move the Scout rifle to rifleman and i suggest you use this ranged rifle script because its much better then give it 3 or 4 clips in reserve.

        // Weapon characteristics:
        "Damage"            "85"        // damage per bullet
        "Bullets"            "1"        // bullets per shoot
        "CycleTime"            "1.3"        // time between shoots
        "Falloff"            "1500"        // distance at which bullet strength has dropped to 85% (damage decreases linearly)
        "Falloffbase"            "0.85"        // Falloff Base default 0.85
        "MinimalDamage"            "75"        // Minimal damage the weapon does
        "Damage Head Modifier"        "2"
        "Damage Chest Modifier"        "1"
        "Damage Stomach Modifier"    "1"
        "Damage Left Arm Modifier"    "0.7"
        "Damage Right Arm Modifier"    "0.7"
        "Damage Left Leg Modifier"    "0.7"
        "Damage Right Leg Modifier"    "0.7"
        // Weapon data is loaded by both the Game and Client DLLs.
        "printname"            "#SDK_MP5"
        "viewmodel"            "models/Imperial/Weapons/v/scoutrifle/imp_scoutrifle.mdl"
        "viewmodel_ironsights"        "models/Imperial/Weapons/iron/scoutrifle/imp_scoutrifle.mdl"
        "playermodel"            "models/Imperial/Weapons/w/scoutrifle/imp_scoutrifle.mdl"
        "anim_prefix"            "50cal"
        "bucket"            "1"
        "bucket_position"        "0"
        "clip_size"            "6"
        "clip2_size"            "-1"
        "primary_ammo"            "AMMO_SHOTGUNBUCKSHOT"
        "secondary_ammo"        "AMMO_MELEE"
        "weight"            "25"
        "item_flags"            "0"
        "BuiltRightHanded"        "0"
        "AllowFlipping"            "1"
        "MeleeWeapon"            "0"
        "MeleeDamage"            "50"    // damage per melee hit
        "MeleeCycleTime"        "1.0"    // time between melee attacks
        //Accuracy Upgrade Modifier. Default is 0.75. The lower the better.
        "AccuracyUpgradeModifier"    "0.85"
    //Stamina Penalty
    //    "StaminaPenalty_Standing"    "30.0"
    //    "StaminaPenalty_Crouching"    "30.0"
    //    "StaminaPenalty_Prone"        "30.0"
    //Weapon Spread
        //When at rest
        "JumpingSpread"            "0.5"
        "StandingSpread"        "0.01"
        "DuckingSpread"            "0.0005"
        "ProneSpread"            "0.0005"
        //When moving at full speed (sv_maxspeed)
        "JumpingSpreadModifier"        "0.5"
        "StandingSpreadModifier"    "0.025"
        "DuckingSpreadModifier"        "0.05"
        "ProneSpreadModifier"        "0.05"
        //Maximum the spread can become due to spread increment per shot below
        "JumpingSpreadMax"    "0.7"
        "StandingSpreadMax"    "0.3"
        "DuckingSpreadMax"    "0.1"
        "ProneSpreadMax"    "0.1"
        //Increment spread by this amount for every shot fired to maximum of moving at full speed spread
        "JumpingSpreadIncrement"    "0.01"
        "StandingSpreadIncrement"    "0.005"
        "DuckingSpreadIncrement"    "0.002"
        "ProneSpreadIncrement"    "0.002"
        //Decrease spread by this amount for every second not fired down to minimum rest spread
        "JumpingSpreadDecrement"    "0.01"
        "StandingSpreadDecrement"    "0.05"
        "DuckingSpreadDecrement"    "0.1"
        "ProneSpreadDecrement"    "0.1"
        //Multiply base weapon spread by this value when in Ironsight view.
        //Default value is 0.75
        "IronsightJumpSpread"    "0.5"
        "IronsightStandSpread"    "0.5"
        "IronsightDuckSpread"    "0.5"
        "IronsightProneSpread"         "0.5"
        //Base weapon kick values when in Ironsight view.
        //Affects way model behaves from clients POV.  Default value is 0.5
        "IronsightJumpKick"        "0.5"
        "IronsightStandKick"        "0.5"
        "IronsightDuckKick"        "0.5"
        "IronsightProneKick"        "0.5"
        //Weapon kick range x (vertical) and y (horizontal), full and no spread, max and min
        //interpolates between full and no spread value based on current spread (percentage inbetween at rest and maximum spread due to firing)
        //The max and min values are for defining a range that a random number is generated between
        "JumpingKick_X_FullSpread_Max"    "11"
        "JumpingKick_X_FullSpread_Min"    "9"
        "JumpingKick_X_NoSpread_Max"    "7"
        "JumpingKick_X_NoSpread_Min"    "5"
        "JumpingKick_Y_FullSpread_Max"    "2"
        "JumpingKick_Y_FullSpread_Min"    "-2"
        "JumpingKick_Y_NoSpread_Max"    "1"
        "JumpingKick_Y_NoSpread_Min"    "-1"
        "StandingKick_X_FullSpread_Max"    "3"
        "StandingKick_X_FullSpread_Min"    "2"
        "StandingKick_X_NoSpread_Max"    "2"
        "StandingKick_X_NoSpread_Min"    "1"
        "StandingKick_Y_FullSpread_Max"    "2"
        "StandingKick_Y_FullSpread_Min"    "0.5"
        "StandingKick_Y_NoSpread_Max"    "0.75"
        "StandingKick_Y_NoSpread_Min"    "0.3"
        "DuckingKick_X_FullSpread_Max"    "2"
        "DuckingKick_X_FullSpread_Min"    "1"
        "DuckingKick_X_NoSpread_Max"    "0.65"
        "DuckingKick_X_NoSpread_Min"    "0"
        "DuckingKick_Y_FullSpread_Max"    "0.15"
        "DuckingKick_Y_FullSpread_Min"    "0"
        "DuckingKick_Y_NoSpread_Max"    "0.1"
        "DuckingKick_Y_NoSpread_Min"    "0"
        "ProneKick_X_FullSpread_Max"    "2"
        "ProneKick_X_FullSpread_Min"    "1"
        "ProneKick_X_NoSpread_Max"    "0.65"
        "ProneKick_X_NoSpread_Min"    "0"
        "ProneKick_Y_FullSpread_Max"    "0.15"
        "ProneKick_Y_FullSpread_Min"    "0"
        "ProneKick_Y_NoSpread_Max"    "0.1"
        "ProneKick_Y_NoSpread_Min"    "0"
    //End Weapon Spread
        //Iron Sight Image
        //"Iron Sight Material"        "Imperial/Weapons/iron_sights/scope"
        // Sounds for the weapon. There is a max of 16 sounds per category (i.e. max 16 "single_shot" sounds)
            //"reload"            "Default.Reload"
            //"empty"            "Default.ClipEmpty_Rifle"
            "single_shot"            "IMP_ScoutRifle.Fire"
        // Weapon Sprite data is loaded by the Client DLL.
                    "font"        "EmpiresTypeDeath"
                    "character"    "I"
                    "font"        "EmpiresTypeDeath"
                    "character"    "I"
                    "font"        "WeaponIcons"
                    "character"    "r"
                    "file"        "sprites/crosshairs"
                    "x"        "0"
                    "y"        "48"
                    "width"        "24"
                    "height"    "24"
                    "file"        "sprites/crosshairs"
                    "x"            "0"
                    "y"            "48"
                    "width"        "24"
                    "height"    "24"
                Mins    "-10 -4 -13"
                Maxs    "21 9 -1"
                Mins    "-10 -7 -6"
                Maxs    "22 8 9"
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    I would still like tf2 spy style hide if I could get it, but yeah I pretty much agree with everything you said. Though I would think it's actually hard for a scout to get to the enemy forward rax alive, so I still prefer to have either engies or grens in my starting squad to build rax/harass enemy at a distance. Once that forward rax is up sure change to scout if the area/map allows you to get close to start sabbing things.
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    I don't think anyone even knows how to play scout correctly however they don't have any excuse now.
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    Ok seriously can we start taking the scout class more seriously its a very good class if you can use him correctly.
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    no piss off
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    Having sabatoge (very close range stuffs) and the scout rifle (longest range infantry weapon) along with binoculars (lets u see far away...?) gives the scout a really funky identity. Hide is a vital part of the scout kit IMO, even if it's just to make your way up to an MG turret so that it can be sabbed. But Hide has really good synergy with both sabatoge and the scout rifle. Some design decision to push the idea that scout can be either of those two things but can't do both effectively with the same loadout would be an awesome push in the right direction.

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