Make the smg's and pistol's more accurate and hit harder slightly

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Spike, Apr 28, 2019.

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    The smg's and pistols in empires currently feel pretty terrible i think they at least need to be pinpoint accurate for the first couple of shots making them better to use at range because empires is a game with large open maps.

    It is kind of frustrating having to play engineer sometimes due to you not having anything you can really reach out and touch the enemy with.

    Even when you are in range to hit the enemy you will still have issues i have listed some below

    1. Bad hitdetection

    2.not doing the full amount of damage if you hit someone in the leg or arm due to the 0.7 damage modifier in the scripts

    3. Not the best damage 17 smg1 -- 19 smg2 -- 20 pistol1 -- 37 pistol 2 -- 11 machine pistol

    4. Not the best accuracy they all should at least start pinpoint accurate

    5. coming up against a rifleman with smg's or pistols is frustrating due to rifleman having a 25% infantry bullet resist making them bullet sponges

    6. low rate of fire on the smg1 its only at about 0.09 i think thats around only 650 rpm

    Honestly the smg's and pistol currently feel like pea shooters i think all the weapons should be easy to kill with and easy to use. Currently rifleman currently hold the best weapons in terms of killing power and any weapons that isn't a rifleman weapon currently feel terrible. I enjoy playing engineer quite alot but becoming even more frustrated with the terrible performance of the smg's and pistols.

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