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Discussion in 'Support' started by BlackRedDead, Nov 3, 2016.

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    simple issue, the received voice is connected to sound effects - wich means that lowering sound effects lowers the received voice aswell -.-#

    the case:
    maximized ingame sound effects, maximized received ingame voice, reduced game volume (outgame, to counter the high overall volume)
    has equal impact as
    minimized ingame sound effects, maximized received ingame voice, normal game volume (outgame, to counter the high overall volume)
    wich made ingame voice barrely hearable overall, i using a 2.1 sound system but using inbuild speakers made it not much better (i prefer them normaly for ts3 conversations, while at gaming i can split the signals to enjoy both^^)

    tough that fact adds another reason why i doesn't like ingame voice - it's clearly an settings issue that they are connected, if it is engine side you should increase (double) eighter voice input or reduce sound effects volume ;-)
    (they are generally louder than in other games anyway and a remix of volumes would be great anyway's - can't hear anything if a shell explodes nearby xP)
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    Sounds work fine for me, I have to crank it all the way down so it's not blaring into my ears. Both voice and Sound work fine.

    Do you have a headset?
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    Mainly tank shots and explosions are way too loud and they dont seem to scale properly with range. (go spec, watch tank battle and try going away...its loud at huge ranges)
    Mostly noticable when specing and listening to voice, often have to go off the map to hear the voice chat.

    Like I mentioned here https://forums.empiresmod.com/index.php?threads/suggestion-suppression-system.20611/#post-535518

    Yeah, Voice volume is affected by the main game Sound Volume, so there is no way of increasing Voice volume over Sounds volume.

    People have been asking how to fix this for ages.
    Apparently only way is to manually edit sound files and put their volume down....never tried.

    This also makes it quite impossible to play on speakers, atleast for me...or its annoying for me or people around me....unless you got no neighbors or so xD

    I would rate this issue quite high.
    Can imagine, it makes quite bad impression.
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