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Discussion in 'Mapping' started by Soylent, May 28, 2011.

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    I've noticed a few .VTFs and .VMTs with the same name in empires GCF, source materials, source shared materials 2007.

    This is bad practice. If the order in which the GCFs are mounted were ever to change for some reason, it would alter texture work in some maps. Mappers who can't be arsed to use GCFScape to explore the GCF files will not see these textures in the materials browser.

    More to the point, file size is very important and I don't want to bloat my already beefy map-size with something as useless as valve's standard .VTFs; is there some work-around I can use in a .vmt file to specify which .GFC to look in?

    I tried a few of the more plausible syntax variants but none of them worked:

    "$basetexture" "source materials.gcf:Nature/cliffface001a"
    "$basetexture" "source materials.gcf::Nature/cliffface001a"
    "$basetexture" "source materials.gcf/Nature/cliffface001a"
    "$basetexture" "source materials.gcf//Nature/cliffface001a"
    "$basetexture" "source materials:Nature/cliffface001a"
    "$basetexture" "source materials::Nature/cliffface001a"
    "$basetexture" "source materials/Nature/cliffface001a"
    "$basetexture" "source materials//Nature/cliffface001a"

    If there is no work around other than to extract, rename and include the texture with your map, consider including the conflicting .vmt's and .vtf's in the GCF of the next version of empires under a different name(e.g. prefix it with valve_). It is too late to rename the conflicting textures in the empires GCF as this would surely alter the texture work in some existing empires maps.

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