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    Ah yes the rifleman the kill whore of all kill whores the ultimate faggot class that people seem to think takes skill. The rifleman having the hardest hitting infantry weapons in the game, most range in the game, best bullet resist it the game and finally being able to take out vehicles theirs really nothing the rifleman cant do. And then if you have one good rifleman on your team you basically wipe to entire enemy team with ease.

    When i used to play rifleman i mainly got speed upgrade, health upgrade, damage increase and finally dig in or accuracy upgrade.

    Damage upgrade adds 10% damage to your infantry weapons which makes your weapons more potent. Then theirs digin which allows you to take a a quarter of damage using your stamina if it is available while crouched. pair this with the 25% percent infantry bullet resist you already have and health upgrade it allows you to take alot of damage. And then of cause there is vehicle damage that gives you a 25% damage increase with tank weapons that allows you to do much more damage to enemy tanks.

    The rifleman weapons being the hardest hitting in the game and the most range being able to reach out and touch enemy soldiers at extreme range and being very good at close range as well as just makes rifleman one of the most overpowered early game when the enemy team only has infantry. And of course there are sticky grenades that can kill enemy vehicles with ease especially early game vehicles like light tanks and APC's and even medium tanks.

    I only suggest playing rifleman if you are very good at FPS games and are able to top the score bored with ease. Otherwise i suggest playing engineer or grenadier. Rifleman is a primarily a class that thrives on getting kills and killing tanks with sticky grenades. Also to all those people who play nothing but rifleman in every match i suggest you stop playing a class you know your good at and get good at engineer or grenadier because they are far more useful.

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    Pro-tip: Aim for the head.

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