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Discussion in 'Coding' started by Omega_K2, Sep 8, 2009.

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    So I've deceided to make a post in this board to announce my empires api which mainly provides some convience functions and helper functions around some net work classes.
    As of now I've only been putting stuff together without any massive tests which results in an ALPHA release. As of now it only supports Eventscripts Python, however I'll add ESS support later.

    Eventscripts Empires API Version 0.10 Alpha can be downloaded here:

    Eventscripts Script Thread

    If you find any bugs (which you are likly to find as this is majorly untested :P) please post them here or in the es board.

    About ES:

    Since eventscripts appears to be easier or at least less complicated then other scripting plugins I also want to encourage people to pick up eventscripts python. With eventscripts py you not only get the features of eventscripts (and backwards support for "old" and "slow" ESS scripting), but also the power of python and it's massive standard libary allowing you to create complex scripts and picking up a real progamming langauge.

    Does it even work with Empires?

    Yes! (Windows at least :) )

    If you beleive for some reason it wouldn't be working with Empires, I need to say that g4tc / emp4all / napalm's funhouse runs eventscripts for a few months now with a few scripts without having any great es-related issues (except for Trickster overflowing the server by setting resources into billions :P).
    Also many of our server features (!ri, !kill, !us, the disconnect messages, etc) are eventscripts.

    Need help with es?:

    If you have problems with eventscripts (scripting, installation issues) feel free to ask in the eventscripts board as the users are usually pretty nice and willing to help and support you. I probably can't answer you as I am usually busy with other things.
    Also you can join the #eventscripts channel on irc.gamesurge.net.

    PS.: If you insist to flame about eventscripts or don't want to provide anything constructive to this thread please don't post (and if you post, kill yourself afterwards)
    PPS.: Thanks to CB for new events :)
    PPPS.: This is repost for the newly created scripting forum.
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    Any update as to when the ESS side will be released? :|ove:

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