Empires Script's Redone Test Saterday 6th 19:00 bst repost

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    If you are interested please join this group for more details about upcoming tests. These are based on 2.6.9 the time when nothing could actually be push because of the push server was broken. We will attempt to play a normal round of empires with these scripts however we need about 16-20 people to do that.

    Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EmpiresDedicatedtesters

    current up to date scripts: Dropbox Link

    How to install the scripts
    Go to your empires/empires folder and copy paste the scripts folder to make a backup
    To install extract the contents from the zip folder then copy the scripts folder into your empires/empries/scripts folder and overwrite everything.
    To revert back you can rename the folder to 'scripts_testing' and rename the backup folder you should have made back to 'scripts'

    Time: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=empries+script+test&iso=20160806T19&p1=1318

    Server: jekotian


    There are way too many changes to list so here is the general idea

    Changes and tweaks include

    Redone infantry combat

    Better recoil, helps make burst fire more effective.
    Redone version of the engineer smg's
    minimum damage falloff of 10 for all infantry weapons
    tweaks on all weapons
    redone bear
    redone spread patterns on some weapons
    an overall better feel to the infantry weapons
    Infantry resists - gren = 25% scout = 25% rifleman = 10% engineer = 15%
    scout is now the close range class
    tweaks to the rpg that include a faster projectile moving speed and a closed aiming reticle when moving
    Scoped rifle rework

    vehicle combat changes
    All of the existing missile weapons redone to make them easier to use
    4 new light tank weapons to make the early game tank combat more varied
    All of the existing mg's redone
    Each anti tank mg now have an apc hmg version this includes bio hmg and he hmg
    weight and cost values may be tweaked once finalised.

    Regen - 70 hp - 10 cpp - 15 weight - regenerates - take more damage from bio weapons
    Compo - 90 hp - 20 cpp - 15 weight - takes 20% less damage from weapons - 10% rpg resist
    Reflective - 80 hp - 10 cpp - 15 weight - angle modifier
    Reactive - 100 hp - 10 cpp - 15 weight - takes 20% more damage from gren rpg's
    aluminium(plain) - 40 hp - 5 cpp - 10 weight
    absorbent - 80 hp - 10 cpp - 15 weight - takes less damage from faster projectiles (cannons)
    Idea is to rebalance armour out again

    Planned changes
    Redo descriptions of research tree
    Add other possible weapons/shell variations.

    If you do attended this test please provide feedback it is key.
    Please not this test is not official
    THESE SCRIPTS ARE BASED OF 2.6.9 Credit goes to the previous scripter trickster that these changes are based off.

    I am taking over the scripts myself and have been granted permission to use/edit/modify this script version.
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    Ofc you took over the exact same scripts that spike is, I mean was working on. Of course you did. Or, perhaps, this is a "creative" way to bend the rules to try and get his scripts tested, some guy who numerous times has told the dev team to fuck off, has been cancer to the community, and has bitched and moaned since he lost his position. Second MrDie if you ask me.

    But right, have fun "working" on "your" scripts. I hope this gets removed for blatant Spike post.
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    Your company's getting a new "chairman" but we all know where the money comes from.

    EVEN IF Spike actually quit and you are taking over, this is even worse, you only have 324 hours experience of the game.
    You don't just play a game for 324 hours(not to mention you probably spent 100 hours AFK) and claim that you know where should we go, that's bullshit.

    Also I am gonna draw the line now, I only accept :
    1: "new" concepts/ideas/armors/weapons. Like bio cannon, TD, 3-slot HE MG, Tesla gun.....etc. AKA things that we don't have now.
    2: Rework of a single weapon/armor/engine. Like SMG1 rework, BEAR rework...etc

    Private script tests will also divide our already rare testing resources.

    So, any attempt to rework the script as a whole will eventually, NOT be accepted, you should be telling me where to go, not burning the house down and asking everyone to move.
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