Empires can't be downloaded from steamcmd using an anonymous login.

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    Empires can't be downloaded from steamcmd using anonymous login + other steam stuff

    Empires can't be installed using the anonymous login with steamcmd, instead the following error appears:
    ERROR! Failed to install app '17740' (No subscription)
    The command line used was:
    C:\Servers\Games\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir C:\Servers\Games\Empires\TestDownload +app_update 17740 validate +exit
    The only way around this is to create a steam account for the server and use that with steamcmd instead.

    Not sure if this is fixable by the empires devs but I thought I should share it anyway as all other servers download just fine using this method.
    Maybe this will fix it's self with the source 2013 port or maybe all steam-side stuff needs sorting out before the next patch.

    As a side note a few other things are wrong with empires on steam:
    • Clicking the Community Hub button on the empires' steam store page takes you to the half-life 2 hub instead.
    • Empires is not listed in the steam store listings except for typing 'Empires Mod' into the search. EDIT: Disregard this, It seems you can find it, but it's not listed under 'games', but under a 'mods' listing that's hard to find.
    • Empires store page says that ownership of a source game is required to play, I understand that this is no longer the case and that source sdk base 2013/2007 is available to everyone.

    I made the two points above a separate thread in the suggestions forum.
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