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  1. Señor_Awesome

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    emp_dating is the best way to meet other empires players and set up some sweet comm on comm action! Coming to you straight (not really, kind of more like a zig-zag?) from The Inside-Voice Box!

    Here's the deal: post your empires dating profile in this thread. A template below (and my own profile), though obviously you can mix it up and write whatever.

    Name: __
    <Gender> <Class> (optional)<Orientation>

    About me: __
    Interests: __
    Dislikes: __
    I'm Looking For: __

    My profile:
    Name: Señor_Awesome
    Female Engineer, Grenophile

    About me: I'm a sexy engineer who don't need no commanders. I really like to drop walls and revive people. I'm also bored as dicks so I posted this thread so that should tell you everything you need to know.

    Interests: Walls, long walks on emp_coast, paranormal activity like that one floating tree on streetsoffire

    Dislikes: Scouts, engies that don't drop walls, places that don't let you build things

    I'm Looking For: A strong male gren that can jump and crouch repeatedly.
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  2. Acolyte

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    X Acolyte
    Male, Commander, prefer comm on comm action

    My nickname is Mr. Boomtanker, and i really to get boomin, if you know what i mean.

    I enjoy taking long drives on Emp_chain and getting close to the enemy team... i think they misunderstand, i try to get close to them to try and advise them, but they always seem to disappear under my vehicle...
    I hate, HATE when i order noobs to go somewhere and they just sit by me knocking on the door trying to get in... They're like retarded pigeons....
    I'm look for another comm which will agree to some boom tanking (i know hobbes would agree ;)

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