[chatlog] of useless anti com research complainments

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    sorry, haven't found a better suited name
    regarding a match on bootybay yesterday
    with me - @BlackRedDead - as "the commander"
    and @Lightning , @NekoBaron and @ClerkOfDerp - as "the mourning itself"

    Originally meant as a relative personal callout to that players "what the hell was wrong"?!
    now turned out that they just intendet to troll with me - kay, you got me!
    but it wasn't fun, not for me and not for the rest of the team that suffered from your behavior and my inability to deal with it in that situation!
    small jokes, spoofs, trolls, ...whatever - are okay, can be funny for both side's when cleared out! ;-)
    but to continue that over an entire match, wich mostly lasts between 30-60min, is absolutly no fun and a clear bad behavior that can't be tolerated!

    I personally are good now, where i know what went wrong and we have no problem with each other from my side! - i will just ignore you next time you try too fool me :P

    But i hope you get your issue, just like i got mine and learned from it - if not thats your problem and propably lead to a ban if you continue that behavior!

    here's it in quote-tags:

    At least theres something for me to clear out aswell, there was 1 usefull suggestion to research HE MG, wich i missunderstood as a request for HMG!
    sorry for that, it was clearly my issue!
    but i wanna give an explaination why that happened, at first the research is named "explosive tipped bullets" - wich i think of whenever i build that in my APC - despite the fact that it's named "High Explosive MG" in the vehicle customisation screen! - so "wlkikiv" ;-)
    the second one is the looking of "HEMG", as compareance look at "Armor" and "Armour", where the later looks very simliar to "Amour" (french for "love")
    the problem was that i haven't associatet that "E" with anything but the rest "H MG" with "HMG", that caused the missunderstanding xP
    a way to prevent something like this is the splitting of such abbreviations in switchable parts, so "HE MG" in comparson to "AP MG", "HE CN", "BIO RL", ...and what not - where the first part describes the projectile effect and the second the weapon type ;-)

    and again in code-tags, as legacy option for those who prefer it small and scrollable ;-)
    (sorry for the formatation - the code-tags use another font!)
    [UMC] Map Voting has finished. The next map will be emp_bootybay_b6. (Received 50 percent of 6 votes)
    Server cvar 'sm_nextmap' changed to emp_bootybay_b6
    (All) Michael177: now it will be the real game
    (All) Goldstinger: shittybay ayy
    (All) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: -.-
    (All) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: nominate
    (All) Lightning: nominate
    [UMC] Lightning has nominated emp_castle_ob1.
    (All) Lightning: OH YEAH
    [UMC] BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-( has nominated emp_escort.
    (All) Lightning: >complains about shit maps
    (All) Lightning: > nominates escort
    (All) Lightning: huge fucking hippocrite
    (All) Michael177: time for D-Day
    (All) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: escort is great!
    (All) Neko_Baron: somone go NF so I can stack BE
    (All) Lightning: then you must be blind and deaf
    (All) Michael177: Normandy 6 June 1944
    (All) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: no - just experienced!
    (All) Lightning: we have a scout
    (All) Lightning: your not experienced enough to hate escort
    (All) Lightning: need NFESCORT
    (All) Lightning: that was fun
    (All) Michael177: escorts raping or what?
    (Commander) Neko_Baron: Move order completed.
    Player Mitch mate has joined the game
    (All) Michael177: nazi sniper from Stalingrad
    (All) Michael177: 1942
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: lel
    (All) Michael177: HAHAHA
    (Team) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: (D3) next radar!
    # at that time we already had a rax at the wall, covered by a wall on the wall
    # what i later forgot was to place a FOB barracks at the front - sorry
    # and the second layer wall, wich we doesn't needed anyway
    # because the enemy just shoot his mortar above it (the layer never brokes)
    # but they need to be very close to do that! - so half com, half team fault!
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: lewl
    Player bcsonka left the game (Disconnect by user.)
    (All) Michael177: no im fucking marines
    (All) Goldstinger: mfw I am the only engineer on this team
    (All) Goldstinger: and I am comm
    (Radio) Lightning (C3): Enemy turret spotted!
    (All) Goldstinger: nope
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: lel
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: nice
    Research Completed: 'Mechanical Engineering'
    (All) Neko_Baron: 3v5 :/
    # actually was 4vs5 that time!
    # have helped building&repairing whenever there's research ongoing!
    Research Completed: 'Advanced Machining'
    Player Daxramas has joined the game
    (Radio) Neko_Baron (C3): Enemy infantry spotted!
    (All) Lightning: *cough*
    Research Completed: 'Composite Armor'
    (Team) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: (C4) afv free
    # had locked vf to keep resources for defence, but free'd it after defence was build!
    # btw a typo, wanted to note that the team can use ifv's now ;-)
    (All) Neko_Baron: !surrender
    [SM] Brenodi Empire has initiated a surrender vote!
    [SM] Vote failed. 75 percent vote required. (Received 50 percent of 4 votes)
    (All) Neko_Baron: gg dumb comm and a scout on team.
    # the scout indeed wasn't much of a use - but he was a newbie
    # and i didn't expect much from him and leave him to learn the game
    # (he didn't read chat anyway, but because of how
    # the chat is blend in, i totally understand why!)
    Research Completed: 'Gas Turbine Engine'
    (All) Lightning: oh
    Research Completed: 'Upgraded Chassis'
    (Team) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: (D3) use ifv!
    # team still prefer to running on foot into death
    # - see very few vehicles and they mostly crushed them
    (All) Lightning: git gud
    (All) Lightning: fuck tow of you
    (All) Lightning: couldnt win XD
    Player ClerkOfDerp has joined the game
    Research Completed: 'Medium Tank Chassis'
    (All) Lightning: haha
    (All) Lightning: i ran over your mine
    (Radio) Lightning (C4): Enemy turret spotted!
    (Radio) Lightning (C3): Enemy Light Tank spotted!
    Research Completed: 'Chemistry'
    (Radio) ClerkOfDerp (C3): I need ammo!
    # armory already build behind second wall - again half my fault,
    # totaly forget about FOB building - sorry! :)
    (All) Lightning: lol
    Research Completed: 'Improved Detonation Compounds'
    Research Completed: 'Explosive Shells'
    (All) Lightning: fuck
    (All) Lightning: why did that work
    (All) Lightning: i should have been able to push you back easily
    (Team) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: (E3) ?
    # complainment, but can't made out the matter!
    Research Completed: 'Biology'
    Player Vanilia has joined the game
    Research Completed: 'Biological Weaponry'
    Research Completed: 'Biological Warhead'
    Research Completed: 'Advanced Chassis'
    Player GhettoPanda has joined the game
    (Radio) Lightning (C4): Enemy building spotted!
    (Team) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: (D4) who wants arty?^^
    (All) Michael177: I want pizza
    # here much time passes inbetween where i needed to repair much...
    Research Completed: 'Heavy Tank Chassis'
    # ...at this time i haven't noticed that the research is done,
    # because the akustical note only play's when in commode!
    # that pushes me to fastly decide research, and because my teammates are practically
    # 2 less (5vs6 at the time, while 1 com and the other newbie,
    # resulting in 3 ppl against 5!) and i was aware of the fact that my 8 missile turrets,
    # that had defended assaults until yet, won't last long if they decide to push!
    # so i forgot about the arty totaly and thought that a better defence might help us
    # survive a bit longer so that the player numbers might get more fair inbetween
    (Team) ClerkOfDerp: (C4) lets get arty
    (Team) ClerkOfDerp: (D4) and fuck them up
    (Team) ClerkOfDerp: (D4) what the hell is the commander doing
    (Team) Lightning: (C4) being shiut
    Neko_Baron has initiated a vote to remove the commander.
    Neko_Baron voted to remove the commander. (1 vote(s) / 5 needed)
    (All) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: sry - next arty
    # well, that kickvote actually forced me to change research path!
    Lightning voted to remove the commander. (2 vote(s) / 5 needed)
    ClerkOfDerp voted to remove the commander. (3 vote(s) / 5 needed)
    (Team) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: (D3) lol...
    Research Completed: 'Electrical Engineering'
    (All) Michael177: yeah make arty and crush them like Warsaw in 1939
    # remind my promise and started arty research - actually a bad decision because that
    # won't make up the player difference and even sharp the endge between the teams
    # further because there are then less players to keep up against theire meds and arty!
    # we already had good meds and average heavy's!
    (All) Neko_Baron: slay reddead they are griefing the research...
    (All) Lightning: you know somethings wrong when we dont have HEMG
    # HMG and Depleted Uranium aren't that good - especially against tanks and arty!
    (All) Michael177: you mean bombers? xD
    (All) ClerkOfDerp: slay reddead, creeper
    (Team) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: (D3) THEY HAVE ARTY - NO NEED FOR HMG!
    (All) ClerkOfDerp: for griefing research
    (All) Lightning: slay red
    (All) Neko_Baron: slay reddead
    Research Completed: 'Artillery Tank Chassis'
    Neko_Baron has initiated a vote to remove the commander.
    Neko_Baron voted to remove the commander. (1 vote(s) / 5 needed)
    Lightning voted to remove the commander. (2 vote(s) / 5 needed)
    ClerkOfDerp voted to remove the commander. (3 vote(s) / 5 needed)
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: How is he griefing research?
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: We have a newbie commander too FYI
    # well, thx but im clearly not a newbie! xD - just not the best com! - i have issues in
    # keeping up with a non-communicating team and to handle building parts on my own!
    # researching isn't actually not that much of an issue, my decisions are based on years
    # of playerexperience and the actual balancing!
    # and i get my fault, regarding to many others that always head for deflective and
    # atomic engine no matter if it makes sense - wich are both useless for me personally:
    # deflective is difficult to use and in the end of the day weaker than composite armor!
    # (which has the same effect as bonus - just not as effective, but also keeps up with
    # health if you can't manage to allign your tank!)
    # the engine is just shit, the weight advantage for a bit more armor comes with a
    # great disadvantage in partially uncontrolable driving behavior and a massive issue
    # at overheating state wich stops movement - then you are clearly "fishfodder"!!!
    # - only useable with absorbant armor that counter this! (or composite again)
    # or whenever you see a com that research rail's - just compare them to ranged
    # to get why that's actually a stupid decision at the current balancing! ;-)
    (All) Lightning: not getting HEMG
    (All) Lightning: getting random research
    (Team) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: (D3) WTF GUYS - STOP DOWNVOTING ME AND FIGHT - YOU GET YOU RANGED!!!
    # actually should mean "you will get your ranged cannon next" - well, battleheat - lesser writing more doing!
    Research Completed: 'Physics'
    (All) Neko_Baron: everyone wants him removed and half the team dont know how to f s space, thats why we asking in chat to slay em
    Player glenson45 has joined the game
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: 2 people isn't half the time.
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: How is he griefing the research?
    (All) Lightning: 7 people
    (All) Lightning: 3-4 asked for slay
    (All) Lightning: we already said
    (All) Lightning: random research
    (Team) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: (C4) NOT RANDOM!!!
    (All) Lightning: going electrical then physics for no reason
    Research Completed: 'Projectile Physics'
    (All) Lightning: not5 getting hemg when we ask
    (Team) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: (C4) just not headed for arty!
    # at this point i actually already got my fault researching arty instead of better defences
    # and weaponary for the heavy's... (plasma would be good for BE!)
    Research Completed: 'Extended Range Cannon'
    # ...but arty without ranged shells is useless - so my thought was to research ranged
    # - in fact the map is to small for that! (and we already had explosive shells!)
    Neko_Baron has initiated a vote to remove the commander.
    Neko_Baron voted to remove the commander. (1 vote(s) / 5 needed)
    Research Completed: 'Nuclear Fission'
    (All) Lightning: !surrender
    [SM] Brenodi Empire has initiated a surrender vote!
    [SM] Vote failed. 75 percent vote required. (Received 57 percent of 7 votes)
    (All) Lightning: DROWN THE COM!
    Player glenson45 has joined the game
    Research Completed: 'HIT Warhead'
    # bad decision i know, the complainments already hit me and i lose focus - at this time
    # we clearly have lost because 2 ppl complaining and doing nothing usefull anymore
    # and the com suffers from it, unable to react properbly to the situation instead thinking
    # about what the hell the team (indeed those 3 ppl! - 7vs? team) is complaining about?!
    # also at several times neko_baron just runs behind me and lay mines - also lightning tryed
    # to push me in the sea's with a buggy (btw, useless try with a buggy! :P) - but i just ignore
    # such stupid behavior and tryed to hold up with the rest of the team, with not much success ofc!
    Earned 1 rank point for commanderbonus due to squad operations.
    ClerkOfDerp has initiated a vote to remove the commander.
    ClerkOfDerp voted to remove the commander. (1 vote(s) / 5 needed)
    Lightning voted to remove the commander. (2 vote(s) / 5 needed)
    Neko_Baron voted to remove the commander. (3 vote(s) / 5 needed)
    Research Completed: 'Deflective Armor'
    (All) Neko_Baron: cheers for griefing us creeper...
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: uh huh
    (All) Lightning: could of actually pulled back if i got the CV ..
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: cheers for not explaining how he's griefing
    (All) Lightning: i told you
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: you know, gotta find out why before taking action.
    (All) Lightning: getting random research with no set path
    (All) Neko_Baron: 4 of us told you, and you did nothing.
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: 2 of you*
    (All) Lightning: he got electrical and only electrical then started on physics
    # well, someone calls for arty and i had asked befor - was clearly not my best decision,
    # but chatlog proves that there was not ANY helpfull hint from your side about research!
    # the reason for this whole chatlog was to find out if i have just overlooked it in the heat
    # of battle - keeping up with chat is already by no doubt an impossible task at that small
    # chatwindow, without slightly darker background (without the need to open it for the
    # command view! ;-) - but also a larger window if you open it for any player!
    # - and better readable colors, especially for nf and maybe switch from shadowed letters
    # to framed on the transparent HUD could fix this)
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: and you said he was griefing that is all.
    (All) ClerkOfDerp: one should be enough
    Research Completed: 'Improved Heat Transfer Fluids'
    (All) ClerkOfDerp: I told you
    (All) Neko_Baron: clerk told you, I told you, lightening told you.
    (Team) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: (C4) MAIN RESEARCH IS LONG DONE!
    # main research = armor, engine, med, cannon, rocket
    # after med got researched you need to build repair pad - so ppl can upgrade inbetween researches!
    # i often saw com's researching meds after cannon&rockets and even after additional MG
    # - the reason is that just at the point meds get available, resources start to drop significantly
    # and many ppl just waste theire tanks - me included often enough! :-/
    # but theres a way to prevent this - locking vf, while the majory of ppl won't be happy about
    # that, it clearly helps to reduce resource wasteage - ppl can still build with theire own wages,
    # earned for fullfilling command&squad tasks or earning rank points! (haven't understanded
    # the system totally yet - but you clearly get them and need lesser than resources!)
    # that forces players to be more carefull with their vehicle and if the com build repair pads
    # that should be not much of an issue to keep them up - especially with composite and
    # gas turbine! - wich both help to escape any enemy without 3 phase elektric!
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: well, it's pretty common for people to complain of griefing but not acually griefing
    (All) thomasfn: being "bad" != griefing
    (All) Lightning: yep
    (All) Lightning: how to get good at com : watch other comms
    # some are indeed very good and i watch and learn allways from them!
    # many are even worse regarding to research - only a good team made that up!
    # (or an even more worse enemy team +/- com!)
    # what i have learned from you is that i shouldn't spend so much time at
    # trying to understand stupid complainments without real matter!
    # (research is research, better than none! if you don't have a specific suggestion/wish
    # you should just shut up! - especially after getting heavys!)
    (All) thomasfn: unless you can prove he was doing so intentionally
    # (no offensive) i wanna ask "how to prove unintentional research" in return ;-)
    # because whenever you do a research you have a point why that now and not any other!
    # - the question is just if that point is matching to the actual situatiion?
    (Team) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: (C4) we have ranged and explosive - bio rockets, deflective and the basic stuff!
    # well, waste of time to write all this down
    Research Completed: 'Advanced Coolant Engine'
    (All) Neko_Baron: see this is why everyone fucking stacks.... because fuck all gets done to griefers comms...
    (All) ClerkOfDerp: with admins like creeper at least
    (All) thomasfn: did he do "bad" research intentionally?
    (All) Lightning: well he didnt listen to us
    # to what exactly? - the only suggestion was to research HMG - wich made no sense for the
    # situational of faceing mostly meds, arty and later heavys!
    (Team) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: (D4) i actually do and look at the researches - totaly stupid most of the time!
    # of some other com's, that research deflective and atomic engine first xP
    (Team) ClerkOfDerp: (D4) lol ban me, this server is bad anyways
    (All) Lightning: so we assume so
    (Team) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: (D4) atomic engine is shiit!
    Research Completed: 'Improved Flagration Compounds'
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: You know, you got to explain your reasons for complaining of "griefing". You didn't resond either.
    # to be fair, quitely hard in the heat of battle! - but you can vote for com at the start
    # of the match and then should just stay with it!
    # did you ever see me complaining about deflective/atomic research?
    # - no, im asking for alternatives!
    # it's up to the com to decide what matches the situation, that's his goddamn role!
    # if you are not happy with it, give constructive critic at the start phase/com vote of the
    # next match and maybe get voted to command and do it better!
    # the only reason to change com at an ongoing battle is if he clearly griefs the team
    # - research can be griefed though, just don't research meds, arty or heavy^^
    # i have played many battles with a com that researched meds or heavys so late
    # that it gets close to something i would call a grief
    # (when enemy strikes you with good researched meds befor you even have them,
    # then your commander has done something wrong!)
    # but even then i'm more busy with keeping up against them than to complain about it
    # - giving hints that we need meds, or whatever else could help, should be no big deal!
    Player acoo has joined the game
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: respond*
    (All) Lightning: hold on creeper lemme push out com in the sea ok?
    # that's actually griefing behavior - not much success with a buggy tough :P
    # (haven't report it - no time/mind for it, but you can't do much against such stupid behavior anyways :-/
    # in fact YOU Lightning and Neko_Baron ruined the game for the
    # rest of the team by - at nicest - "goofing" around with 9mines,
    # trying to swap CV and trying to grief by pushing CV into water!)
    (All) Neko_Baron: everytime we explain it, you just then asks for more explaining...
    (All) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: CREEPER - NOT YET!
    # enemy push is clearly not the time for complainments nor explainations!
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: I'm not on your team, so I don't know.
    Research Completed: 'Explosive Tipped Bullets'
    # to late i know - already explained why i loose focus xP
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: that's bs
    (All) Lightning: hold on creepewr
    (All) [NUBS]_TheCreeper: geez
    (All) Lightning: im pushing it into the sea :D
    (All) Lightning: awh he caught wind
    Earned 1 rank point for commanderbonus due to squad operations.
    # at least some ppl try to play'n'team
    (All) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: ATM i have more a griefing team because they are not happy with my research order - thats it - they have all they need and wan
    # interupted by something - but anyway, waste of time again xP
    Earned 1 rank point for reviving a team mate.
    # neko_baron, he still tryed to blow the CV up and get caught by the enemy for it,
    # i regret it just in the mom. i react xD (teammate down => revive!)
    (All) Lightning: you got it in the wrong order, thats the point
    # deepence on argumentation - but after your complainments absolutly no doubt that i lose focus!
    # i'm excited to read your research plan and reasons! :-)
    (All) ClerkOfDerp: we don't have what we need, you don't know what we need
    # you have meds and heavys with composite, deflective, gas turbine, coolant, explosive shell
    # &bullets, bio&hit rockets ... ah and arty with ranged and explosive aswell at that time!
    # so why not telling me what you need instead?!
    (All) Neko_Baron: oh look, we're losing bad and lost main, halfthe team reports comm.... nothing...
    # 3 report the com - the rest tryes to keep up against a superiour enemy without you!
    (All) Lightning: you latest research is adv coolant, 40 minutes into the gamer
    # ehm, never saw a match where you get it much earlyer - its mostly used for siege tanks!
    # - where we're not in the situation for, so it was a wrong research!
    (Team) ClerkOfDerp: (D3) and now we don't even have a main or VFs
    (Team) ClerkOfDerp: (D4) we are down to 1 ref
    (All) thomasfn: so a bad comm who doesn't listen to his team... but not a griefer
    # sorry dude, but on what should i have heared? ;-)
    (Team) ClerkOfDerp: (D3) I don't know why I keep empires installed honestly
    (All) Goldstinger: I thought it was supposed to be team listens to the comm
    # true, but to be fair, i have no mic and have issues in keeping commanding beside
    # researching and base building together - at such small player counts its essential
    # that the com helps building&repairing too!
    Research Completed: 'Tracking Systems'
    # good for AT fights - but at this point useless (because team has no defence lines
    # and subtracting the now 3 useless complaining ppl there's no chance to switch the tide anymore!)
    (All) Neko_Baron: getting intentinally usless research is griefing
    (All) Goldstinger: and can't team kick comm?
    (All) thomasfn: but from his perspective, he probably didn't think it was useless
    # at least not the start of it - for explaination reasons this chatlog gots commented :)
    (All) Lightning: not when half the team is too stupid to fs space
    (All) JK: u guys know u cna f s space?
    (All) ClerkOfDerp: it's only bannable if it happens on creeper's team, obviously
    (All) Lightning: fs space requires a majority
    # i miss an easy right-click menu on statscreen to report useless complaining ppl!
    (All) Neko_Baron: we got a scout on team, you really think they know how to press f s space?
    (All) Lightning: which we dont have cus half our team are scunts / tards
    (Team) ClerkOfDerp: (C4) yeah probably
    Player Clickbait Cancer Center has joined the game
    (All) JK: most of ur team is complianing, yo should be able to convince the swing votres..
    (All) ClerkOfDerp: you can't convince noobs
    (All) Neko_Baron: JK they probably arnt even english speaking...
    # or just not chatreading because busy in compensate your 3 ppl's fault in
    # unnecessary complainments and com's lose of focus as reaction to it!
    (All) ClerkOfDerp: you should know this
    Research Completed: 'Homing Missiles'
    (Team) ClerkOfDerp: (D4) the enemy has a heavy tank in our main base
    (Team) ClerkOfDerp: (D4) just for the record
    (All) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: CREEPER - CAN YOU COPY OUT THAT CHAT?
    Neko_Baron has initiated a vote to remove the commander.
    Neko_Baron voted to remove the commander. (1 vote(s) / 3 needed)
    Lightning voted to remove the commander. (2 vote(s) / 3 needed)
    (All) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: COMPLAINING AND DOING SHIT - GREAT!
    (Radio) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-( (D3): Enemy Heavy Tank spotted!
    (All) BlackRedDead "cant comment! :-(: !surrender
    # actually that 3 lines are a bit funny - haven't read the above notice about the heavy
    # that destroys our small main (1 rax, ref, vf, radar - nothing else)
    # drive back because our FOB was lost and got surprized by there was not much left
    # except the heavy xD (no wonder though!)
    # but it sounds like there's just 1 heavy in a good main base with endgame defence
    # and com call surrender just because a heavy managed to break trough his defence
    # and sits inside main now - what an effrontery xD
    # but nope, i should have more concentrated on building defence lines aswell
    # - so yea, call me a bad com and never vote for me again, 1 more game without com!
    # even if i already had some great matches with ppl together as com,
    # such moments ruin the fun of taking this already hard to fullfill role!
    # but even when com makes mistakes (and hopefully learn from it or actually listen to
    # constructive&reasonable advice, thats no reason to transform yourself in a small
    # dump asshat, griefing the own team and theire com by doing nothing usefull, try to
    # sabotage the CV and all because complaining senseless about 1 accidentally made
    # research issue - we're seriously need a kickvote against such ppl! -.-#
    [SM] Brenodi Empire has initiated a surrender vote!
    [SM] Vote successful. (Received 100 percent of 5 votes)
    [SM] Brenodi Empire has Surrendered!
    (Command Vehicle Destroyed)
    (All) Goldstinger: lmfao gg
    (All) Clickbait Cancer Center: i just respawned
    [UMC] Map Voting has finished. The next map will be emp_duststorm. (Received 40 percent of 5 votes)
    Server cvar 'sm_nextmap' changed to emp_duststorm
    [SB] This server is running a SourceBot.
    [SB] Type !sourcebot for more info.
    (All) Goldstinger: JK you can probs comm better than me
    (All) Goldstinger: because mic
    (All) Lightning: gold if you watch good comms and their research, you can be good, even without a mic
    (All) Lightning: hawk doesnt have a mic
    (All) Lightning: and hes good
    (All) GhettoPanda: Sergej Fährlich
    # sad that i missed that - great (^.^)-d
    (All) Lightning: better than be's comm was
    (All) Clickbait Cancer Center: and ur salty lol -_-
    (All) Lightning: we tried too
    (All) Clickbait Cancer Center: WELCOME TO THE CSGO COMMUNITY KIDS
    # true - but i don't think they are actually CS:GO kids - that costs money :P
    # but some ppl are clearly cs/css players - singleminded and unable to adapt to different strategy's -.-#
    # though not all of them, but seems to be pretty much the majory of empires players :-(
    # what i can't understand, if you don't want a challenging and diversity gameplay game
    # - why you playing an rts/fps mix then???
    # (that, by definition, aims for a strategical decision focus and deeper commanding structure!)
    # btw, nuclear dawn is better suited for that simple (& more tactical commanding) kind of gameplay ;-)
    # not saying that i didn't enjoy that too - but basebuilding, research and vehicle customisation
    # aren't features meant for simple tactical focused shootouts, where you only need to think
    # around the next corner and not about the strategical focus of the match!
    (All) Lightning: i asked for hemg
    (All) Lightning: didnt get it
    # for obvious reasons - if you know a reason why i should have researched it in that situation, you're welcome to enlight me!
    # and last but not least, theres not ANY complainment on my fault of forgetting to build defence lines!
    # wich was the real issue - all i can say to my defence is that i had not much time for it at start
    # (started 4ppl - at least 1 scout, 2 engineers and 1 riflemen, if i remember correctly?)
    # and then got disrupted by 3 complaining ***insert any negative term***!!!
    # so sorry to all the other guys that tryed to made up for it and hoped
    # i would build goddamn defence lines! xP
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2016
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  2. Avatarix

    Avatarix Member

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    Move this thing to Oftopic ASAP please
    So, if you want to VENT then do this on chat or discuss it with people you are playing with.
    If you were using chat instead of voip that's your fault and you should use it, or get microphone to have better communication with the rest of the team.
    HEMG is considered by many as even OP agains armor, so actualize your knowledge about meta in Empires bro (if you had chemistry you had short path to this research).
    You got HECN before meds, so you could lose some resources by new players by creating mediums without decent weapons (bc I'm not sure you had blocked vf or not).
    Asking for arty in 3v5 was a joke by Neko (he's a goddamn troll as comm and player :>), don't take this seriously next time.
    Plasma today is inferior to HEMG, so don't waste your time getting it. For me good things in Physics are Deflective, RCN and nukes.
    get this venting outta my forums, know the community jokes, WATCH WHAT OTHER COMMS RESEARCH, upadte your meta, get a mic, ask people if you don't know
    and as for the 'why no one wanted to be comm' is because they were probably comming bad teams for too long and are exhausted by that
    'Sometimes no comm is better than newb comm' and keep telling yourself that you are experienced or something, whatever hepls you sleep
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  3. NekoBaron

    NekoBaron Member

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    Whats the point of this topic again? Other than constantly getting screwed by bad research because the current meta is all about ER/HE cannons and hemg.
  4. Lazybum

    Lazybum :D Staff Member Moderator

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    Empires has always been about cannons though, no surprises here.
  5. vipervicki

    vipervicki Member

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    neko and lightning pull this on everyone including the server owner, complain and whine. They think just because they demand something it should be done automatically and if not they complain some more. rtving just about every round or surrendering. Hating on just about every map and they drone on and one and on.
    its tiresome and needs to stop.

    It ruins the game for everyone and their chat spams the server with their trolling and complaining while just about everyone else just wants to play.
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  6. flasche

    flasche Member Staff Member Moderator

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    so gag and mute them if they still behave badly show them the door. this should have been done in empires for a long time. its never too late tho.
    those constantly complainig on servers are probably even more toxic then "he who shall not be named" ever was.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2016
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  7. vipervicki

    vipervicki Member

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    I agree flasche and will do that for now on.
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  8. TheCreeper

    TheCreeper Member

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    Honestly though, Neko_Baron and Lightning have become a little unbearable to listen to. It's really tiresome to hear them constantly complain about literally everything. All they've done the past week is complain about the dev team and how they are so "corrupt", driving me a little insane. My only failing here is that im too tolerant of people like that.

    Can't argue with that.
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  9. Avatarix

    Avatarix Member

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    There are other players like that, shitting at comm's research or even at his playstyle, who aren't in this post, and you Creeper chose them to unload your frustration? It's not their fault that their friends got banned on your server.
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  10. vipervicki

    vipervicki Member

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    the ones that do it constantly on a regular basis are in the chatlog. and we have gotten several complaints about them from other players and they have been told off by other players in the server for their behavior as well.
    But as flasche suggested this behavior is going to be dealt with, with silencing so the rest of us can enjoy the game.

    and what does banning someone have to do with neko's and lightning's constant complaining? your argument makes no sense.
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  11. TheCreeper

    TheCreeper Member

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    Yeah, not quite sure what you're getting at Avatarix . Banning someone has nothing to do with this, it's a little weird that you bring that up. I also think it's a little silly to say that their behaviour is typical for empires players which evidently it's not.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2016
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  12. Z100000M

    Z100000M Vithered Weteran

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    you know if you told me 5 years ago that the average quality of empires players/forumers could drop substatially i wouldve laughed you off.
  13. NekoBaron

    NekoBaron Member

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    Some times I don't know what to complain about more, the bad commander or the brain dead team who can't learn to F S Space them out.
  14. vipervicki

    vipervicki Member

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    we need a better method of kicking a bad comm out of the cv by a 52% majority and only the team involved allowed to vote for it. Like a kick comm vote plugin
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2016
  15. Avatarix

    Avatarix Member

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    Don't make things up, I didn't stated that this is typical for players, but there are others like that.
    And yes, the thing with banning Scar didn't made them more nervous and hostile against community and players on the server, totally. I'm bringing that up because these things do are connected.
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  16. Sgt.Security

    Sgt.Security Member

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    It is an Empires tradition that a banned player would do things to extend his ban and attract more hate.
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  17. vipervicki

    vipervicki Member

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    OMG you are bringing up spike LOL hes banned from forums and server for legitimate reasons and thecreeper did not ban him from the forums that was the decision of others. If people follow in spikes footsteps as far as his behavior goes.... lets just say that's not advisable.

    Being angry because of friend's ban is not a legitimate reason to act out.
  18. NekoBaron

    NekoBaron Member

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    I never did get to see said legitimate reasons but whatever.
  19. vipervicki

    vipervicki Member

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    to address the issue of f s space thecreeper is making f s space easier for all players new or vets, to use it.
  20. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump Member

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    Are we seriously coming around now to defending this? While I do agree bitching in game can go a tad far, it is standard procedure to weed out the noob coms who can't take the stress of people constantly complaining. This is the dog-eat-dog-world and we can not sit by and simply "let" people continue to com if they are bad, especially when the server has a population on it because it drives other noobs away when you have a retard in the com seat.

    Black, this is the commanders job to make tough choices even when people completely disagree with you. Do you place another building or let someone get a tank? Bitched at. Do you get DU since you have all prior research to it or get HEMG and waste more time? These are all decisions you, as the commander, have to make and you will receive hate. I can not even believe that you are sitting here, complaining about this.

    Your research path is a tad pathetic as well. Plasma is absolutely shit, getting defenses rather than tanks is a terrible idea, and then you sit there and wonder why a team is complaining at you. Your feelings got hurt that some people F, S spaced you, boo hoo. I personally have had people try to remove me but everyone knows I'm a decent com so most people don't. On top of your bad research choices that makes the team want to F S space you, you also throw a fit in chat. One thing I learned after 9 years of Empires, if you are not a mature com people will not respect you or listen to you and will F S Space you. On top of this, if you don't have a mic, that is another strike against you that usually results in F S space.

    I am all for free speech here, Neko and Lightning, while they can go overboard, have not said anything out of the ordinary. If you are going to "mute" and "gag" them, you might as well mute and gag me, MrX and everyone excluding Vicki, Creeper, AZK and JGF because all of us flame coms. This is the entire point of the game and I am now completely saddened that we are even entertaining the idea that we should get rid of this important aspect of the game. It seems this community is moving the way of CoD, coddling the children instead of letting the harsh grittiness of the game reign supreme. I am saddened by this move, and I think the community needs to stand against what Black is doing here.

    This will probably be my last post as I have been silenced by people for speaking against BRD in the past, against his stupid ideas but this is intolerable. His childish ways have no place in this community because his "feelings" got hurt. Grow up dude, seriously.
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