[2.5RC4] On SoF NF can't place ref @ B5

Discussion in 'Non-code bugs' started by CyberKiller, Apr 13, 2014.

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    On Streets of Fire NF can't place the refinery at B5, it shows up green but you still can't place it.
    This bug has been in this map for as long as I can remember and as we are testing out the base swapping feature this bug is now quite significant.
    I think it's because of the curbs being too close.
    Also there are vehicle clip brushes next to the curbs that 'smooth' out the curbs so vehicles don't bang into them.
    Maybe the nf ref is clipping with either the curbs or with the vehicle clips next to them.
    Would explain why the ref shows as green and still won't place.

    Also I hope you have the vmf for this map to fix it because decompiling a map with this many brushes is a no no.
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    Might be useful

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