2.13.3 Playtest, April 22nd 18:00 UTC

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    Change log for 2.13.1
    This here is a playtest of 2.13.3. Releases are imminent if it all goes swimmingly.

    Here we are checking balance of things and making sure the bugfixes are working correctly, so expect an actual empires match.

    Where and when, Click me for your local time.
    On April 22nd 1900 BST / 2000 CEST / 1400 EDT / 1100 PDT. Click me for your local time.

    Thexa's beta server.

    How this works
    You have to opt into the empires beta to join in. In your Steam library, right-click Empires and click Properties. Click the Betas tab and choose Beta - Empires Beta Test.

    Close the properties window. Steam will now update Empires to the beta version. Click Play to launch Empires beta. Click here for more info.

    Just remember to opt out of beta when play test is over, otherwise you'll have conflicts joining the public server.

    I imagine we'll warm up on urban while we wait for players to join in then move to a map like coast or something. Depends on player turnout to be honest.

    Last thought is try talking to anyone on your friends list to get more players to come, the more people to test the better we can make empires.
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